New Runners

On the night

  • Please try to arrive by 6.10pm to give yourself sufficient time to orientate yourself and ask any questions that you may have.
  • Please listen carefully to any pre-run announcements.
  • Each Group Leader (GL) will then give a summary of what they plan to do that night.
  • Each group is organised according to pace, stated in minutes per mile. If you're not sure what your pace is but you've finished a 5k, 10k or other race, try this conversion chart.
  • On choosing your group, if you're unsure about anything, please ask the GL.

Group Leaders

  • All of our GL's are experienced runners and some have undertaken England Athletics accredited running leadership courses. Some will provide full blown training sessions whilst others may just act as guides, ensuring a safe and enjoyable run.
  • Once the GL has got his or her group together (usually outside the Southbank Club) a more detailed description of the session may be given. This is the time for any new runners to the club to confirm whether the planned session is suitable for them.
  • The GL will run the session at the pace specified at the start of the evening, but may choose to vary the original session depending on the conditions, enthusiasm or injuries.
  • The GL's will endeavour to make sure that everybody in the group gets back to the club at the end of the session, particulary anyone new to the group. They may guide them back personally, or utilise assistant GL's or other experienced club runners to do so. They can not always guarantee that this will be the case; they will just try and do their best.

Running Etiquette

  • Please dress appropriately for the conditions. Ninja black outfits may look cool during the day, but they loose some of their coolness factor at night when no one can see you. Hi-viz gear is essential from October until Spring when the clocks go forward. The club does have some spare items which can be borrowed for sessions. 
  • When out on a run, please try to follow the GL's instructions wherever possiible, this is for your own and for the group as a whole's safety and enjoyment. Mostly it's all about using your common sense.
  • Unless otherwise instructed, try not to run no more than 2 abreast and be courteous to other users of the pavement/paths, especially if they give way to you. Remember when you run with your group you are ultimately representing Southville Running Club and we like to be thought of as a friendly and courteous running club.
  • When overtaking, always overtake on the right before pulling back in on the left to allow others to overtake if they wish to do so. Basically try and keep to the left as you would on the road.
  • Let others know of any hazards up ahead such as pedestrians, cyclists, dogs, potholes, brambles, cars etc.
  • If you find that you are struggling to keep up with the group or you just want to break off, please inform the GL directly, or ask one of the other runners to pass on your message.
  • And finally, enjoy the session. If you have any feedback regarding what you have just done or a suggestion for a future session, please feel free to speak to the GL once the group is back at the club.