We have a Socials Committee which handles and promotes larger events that are difficult to organise and need hard work to publicise. E-Mail us to make sure you're on our mailing list. Also E-mail us if you want to be part of the committee.

How to find out what socials are on...

All socials are added to our club calendar. Bigger events will also be featured in the News section of our website. Our chair sends out a monthly email with club news and socials. Please let us know if you'd like to receive our newsletter.

Failing that!! There is a noticeboard at the club (Southbank club) and we make announcements on running nights about what's going on.

Who organises socials and how to start one off?

Any of our members can start a Socialssocial at any time. But please make sure it is something that anyone can attend, there is a good amount of notice and it is well and widely publicised.

Please ensure all social events are advertised on our club noticeboard and this website. Remember we have a lot of people who do not want to use Facebook.

SRC Club Holiday

Once a year a number of us decamp from the leafy suburbs of Bristol to the rocky, sun scorched alien landscape of Lanzarote. We usually stay at the Club La Santa, a sporting and activity resort, where you have the opportunity to induldge your every sporting whim, or just relax around the pool - it's all up to you. Most of our members though do make use of the free facilities available and use it as their own personal training camp.

Virtual Groups

As well as facebook and twitter, we also have group on several sporting apps

You can find us on Strava on the following url:

And find us on Garmin on the following url:

The Garmin Group is managed by Tom Bullivant and Strava by Paul Garton