Running Groups

On Tuesdays runners are split into groups with a leader who may act purely as a guide, taking you on fixed routes or actively to lead with a full blown training session.

Training sessions may vary from 4 miles up to 11 miles depending on the group and may include hill repeats, fartlek, pyramid sessions as well as exercises.

Please ask a group leader for advice if you have never done any group running before, they'll be more than happy to help. A good rule of thumb though is to start off in a group that runs at a slower pace than your own.

If you do have some club running experience or some race times under your belt, then use the pace guide below to gauge which group is best for you, as the group leaders will normally announce what they intend to do with a pace based on minutes per mile (mpm).

Note: All our group leaders do what the do on a purely voluntary basis and as a consequence, group leaders may vary from week to week.

Pace Guide Half Marathon Time 10K Time
sub 07.00 mpm < 1 hr 30 min < 40 min
sub 08.00 mpm < 1 hr 44 min < 45 min
sub 09.00 mpm < 1 hr 57 min < 48 min
sub 10.00 mpm < 2 hr 10 min < 57 min
sub 11.00 mpm < 2 hr 24 min < 1 hr 08 min