SRC Championship 2023

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 - 15:31
Chris Hopes

The Championship is BACK!

For a lot of you this will be giving you a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling of running goodness you've been missing for the last 3 years.

What's it about? The championship consists of a series of nominated road, trail and multi terrain races taking place between April and June giving you a chance to race to try out racing for the first time, or try new events or to push your self. It's also a chance to win something whether fast or slow, to share lifts, share stories of success and less successful endeavours too.

For each race you're given a target time or % of the winners time if it's a trail race. Beat your target you get points, minus points if you miss. Best 5 scores to count. Your targets are based on your previous performance in races/park run/training and are posted the day before the race. Anyone can win because it's about improving your performance not being the fastest It costs nothing to enter too, you just need to do a few things first:

1. Tell me you want to take part... very important.
Let me know if you've run any races recently including park runs. If none then the groups and/or group leaders you run out with on a club night. Add your name to this Google doc link below:

2. Join the club and get your England Athletic race licence, a total cost of £21.
You'll get your money back in race entry fee reductions. Go to the SRC page headed Membership and follow the links.

3. Look at the list of races on this Google sheet link below, choose a minimum of 5 events to enter as your 5 best results count.... consider the more you do the more chance to drop those bad scores. There are road races (R), trail (T), a few are split between tarmac and trail (M). Most races are 10km, 2 are 5km.

Links to the race organisers are on the Google sheet. Some of the race dates haven't been confirmed however I would start entering races as they do fill up quickly. IMPORTANT! You have to enter the races your self, do so as a member of Southville Running Club hence the reason you need a race licence.

4. Before the race check the link above.
You will find a target time against your name for road races, % of the winner's time for a trail race ( trail races can be changed at very short notice due to weather, trees falling, floods etc so easier to work on a % basis). 1 point per second ( per %) up to a max of 90 below target time, -1 point per second (per %) up to 60 if you go over target - if you podium in a trail race get 90 points for 1st, 60 for 2nd, 45 for 3rd cos you can't do better than 100% of the winners time!

5. Finally in past championships entrants nominated a 'joker' race, where they'd double the points scored or halved losses. This year instead of you choosing the race before you run it......pause and drum roll ............your joker will be applied to your last race result.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
Good luck and enjoy.
Chris Hopes