Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that our FAQ page is temporarily out of date due to Covid-19. Due to the ever-changing situation and rules, please see our Facebook group (in particular the announcements at the top) for current information on when and how we are meeting. Alternatively, if you aren't on Facebook you can email us.


I'm new to running and worried I'll get left behind.

On a club night we have several running groups based on pace. From our "social group" that may run 4 miles around the harbourside with rests, to our faster - sub 7 min/mile - group, we aim to have a number of groups to try to accommodate everyone. If you are new to running or have done very little you might want to try our 'walk to run' group on a Tuesday night which is suitable for complete beginners or those who don't feel quite ready for the social group. We aim never to leave anyone behind.

How far do you run?

Most groups go out for about an hour, and the distance will be between 4 miles to 7-8 miles depending on the pace. See the white board at 6.15 for group distances/speeds. Groups vary from week to week and it's all up to you. Runners often change groups depending on how they feel.

Where do you run?

All over Bristol. Winter running tends to be restricted to road running but summers and weekends are often spent in Ashton Court and Leigh Woods.

What is the best night for beginners and those returning to running?

Currently we're up to 80 - 100 mixed ability runners on a Tuesday night and around 30 runners on a Thursday. This means that there is a wider choice of runs on the Tuesday if you are concerned about finding a suitable group. The best night for complete beginners is Tuesday, as this is the night for the walk and run group.

What running gear do I need?

A decent pair of running shoes should be considered if you are interested in running on a regular basis. Reflective/High Visibility kit is compulsory on dark nights in autumn / winter. We have some hi viz kit to borrow for new runners.